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  1. SamSilva
    It excites me to smell the arm pits of the one I love.
  2. tonyboy
    Holy cow man.. I love to smell armpits... sweaty is great.. or clean when the guy has just got out of the shower... Fact I love to lick them when in the shower..
    But the scent of armpits is so fantastic.. Love to lick them and smell them.
  3. bleuxid
    The smell of pits makes me go wild! I hooked up with a guy the other day and discovered that his pits were sweaty and rank. That smell got my cock harder than it's ever been!
  4. cubbybear01
    The musk of a hot guy's armpit is about the most powerful aphrodisiac I've found. I don't know why it drives me crazy but it does. I've only been in a few situations where I was able to enjoy musky pits but I was downright giddy each time.
  5. LotusMoon
    Same here, Cuddybear. I love when guys smell rank. Unfortunately, most guys' armpits smell like soap or deodorant. That's disappointing. A ripe smelling nutsack is sometimes hot too. I love to lick the sweat off.
  6. thumbs
    LotusMoon, we need to meet. I love armpit smell and under the balls smell. Hot manly rank.
  7. travdude120
    I love licking a rank armpits. Love to suck out all of the sweat. It's so hot making out with the guy while having his scent in my mouth mmmm
  8. christianparis
    There's nothing hotter than getting fucked by a guy with sweaty armpits - smelling the sweat as he fucks me - getting me hard just writing about it!
  9. LotusMoon
    ^ That's always been my fantasy, Christian. To get fucked while my nose is buried in some guy's musky armpit. Most guys are shower fresh though. -_-
  10. Basile2013
    I like the fuzzy feeling on my nose and tongue, more than the smell. Sometimes the smell gets me going but its the texture of the hair that gets me. Also the way the hair is distributed, not all pits is equal for me. The long hairy stripe make me hard . The color is also important for me , black is king. Untrimed too, i hate the shaved or trimed.
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