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Show us your best shots!

  1. Corny
    This thread is for showing off your best pictures. Feel free to use the group gallery for this. And feel free to comment on the pics posted here.

    Only one rule:
    Do not post more than one pic per day per member!
  2. Corny
    Storks in Groß-Gerau. Note the baby stork

  3. jade

    a shot made somewhere in Berlin by coincidence
  4. Corny
    ^ long exposure with initial flash?
  5. Corny
  6. jade
    ^ long exposure with initial flash?
    hahahaha, actually no idea how i got the shot that way. just by coincidence:P
  7. ozguy
    Some fireworks shots that I snapped last night. I was quite happy with the way they turned out:

  8. weinerslav

    My city, at night...
  9. Falcon16
    Re: weinerslav

    Nice shot!! Where is this?
  10. weinerslav
    Hi! Sorry for taking so long to reply, that is Coimbra, in Portugal, one of the most historically rich cities in my country, we even have our first king buried in a chapel, a really beautiful one, I might go there to take some pics to put here one of these days. This picture is from the newest part of the city, it's really odd because you have this on one side and the other side is the opposite, it's a city very rich architecturally.
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