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CMNM Events: Hook-up, meet-up, parties, public or private events

  1. sunbuns99
    Share with the group invitations, plans, ideas or suggestions for a local, or wider CMNM event or a private or small group hook-up or meet-up.

    If you haven't done so, please update your JUB profile to show your location, or mention WHERE you are or where you are willing to travel for this meet-up or event. Also, you need to give enough info about yourself and what you're seeking.

    Getting strangers to participate in sex-related private parties or in meeting a stranger without first knowing anything about him is not so easy to accomplish (at least for a large group of gay / bi / bi-curious straight men). Building trust and instilling confidence is an important part of getting any hook-up, or meet-up or larger CMNM event started. Start out slow, and once the conversation is started, you can move it to a more direct (and private) mode of communication if needed.
  2. sunbuns99
    As I mentioned in my Cocktail Social (self-intro), there are some apps which can provide a vehicle for organizing CMNM groups locally and connecting to related groups (such as nudist, FKK, gay travel, gay yoga, naked outdoor recreation, gay camping, gay / nude hiking), dance, gay sports teams, tanta sex, men's support groups, male relationship groups or workshops, etc). One of these is Meetup Find Meetup groups near you - Meetup Meetup is both a website and an iPhone app (location-based), which you can log into with your Facebook id. So it's easy to join, to find local groups that meet in your area, and to also create your own group.

    For example, there are UK Meetup groups (and I assume other North American, European and world-wide Meetup groups as well).

    With the exception of the first one below, these are not CMNM groups, but it may give you an idea of how to connect to other like-minded individuals and groups in your own area.
    So.... do some research and check out Meetup (both as a website and also as an app), and there may be an existing group you can join or a space and place for you to create a group in your local area.

    London CMNM group (London, England) - Meetup
    Naturist Holiday Mates (London, England) - Meetup
    Tantra for Gay Men (London, England) - Meetup
    male massage london (London, England) - Meetup
    The Life Drawing Salon (London, England) - Meetup
  3. sunbuns99
    Send me the details to your up-coming CMNM event and I'll be happy to post it here (or you can), on the Guys Into CMNM blog at, and on the various other related sites, including our CMNM event page at: or at
  4. sunbuns99
    CMNM Party at Steamworks Toronto, Sat., July 29

    Club CMNM

    Saturday, July 29, 2017 from 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM (EDT)

    Toronto, Ontario, Ontario
  5. sunbuns99
    I've started two new CMNM groups recently. One of them is on BAND, which you can find at:

    The other is a private Facebook group: CMNM
    You need to be a member of Facebook and also you have to get an invitation to join this private group from someone who is already a member.
    If you request an invitation from me on Facebook by friending me, I'll be glad to add you:
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