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Cocktail Social - Introduce yourself to the group

  1. sunbuns99
    Please take a moment to introduce yourself. Tell us something too about why you're interested in CMNM or what you're hoping to find or know about. You don't have to repeat what's on your JustUsBoys profile, but you might want to mention where else we can find out about you (Twitter, Facebook, A4A, Manhunt, etc) or your own blogs or Tumblr, etc.

    Post a photo of yourself or a pic of your CMNM fantasy. Add any links to sites you think are useful or hot.

    Groups are new to JustUsBoys. Formerly, the only place to congregate was to gather around a General Discussion forum that caught our interest. I'm sure that will still continue in the Forums. Here's our chance to try to collect our thoughts and our JustUsBoys ids in one place. It may lead to something interesting, such as online meet-ups, and to actual CMNM events both locally, nationally, or internationally.

    Thanks for joining our CMNM group. Now do you part to get the party started. Speak up. Don't be a stranger.

  2. sunbuns99
    Hey, guys. I'm Kelly. I'm a middle-aged professional who's gay, been married, has grown kids, and travels abroad often. I love visiting gay resorts, nude beaches, and also enjoying meeting new people.

    I've been interested in CMNM and active in spreading the word about clothed male / nude male attraction(s) for several years. I have plenty of links to my various Net profiles - but you can start at my JUB profile and also visit my other main profiles: and
    With limited success, I've tried to get some local CMNM events or small parties started in several places around the world - mostly when I am traveling. But the time has come to begin to set up local chapters or at least find ways to connect men into CMNM at certain location.
    Locally-based teams or an individual who can lead would be more effective in getting something started in your area.

    How can we get more people into CMNM in contact with, or even know about, each other?

    One way would be to use smartphone technology (such as apps like Meetup or A4A ( to post events or contacts.
    Another would be to use JUB as a focal point - both this group and also CMNM topics in the Forum (also to list and discuss possible events).
    A third way would be to make use of our Facebook page, Guys Into CMNM, which reaches a limited but eager audience.
    It's likely that all and even more ways will be needed to help get the message out there.

    Thanks, this was less a self-introduction than a call for individuals to act (or react) in order to spread the word.
  3. jake1973
    Hey, early 40s, NYC area, like CMNM scenes that are casual and mutually affirming (no humiliation or cheesy worship stuff) and do not lead to sex. I like to CM for a fit/smooth younger guy or NM for an older one. Like planned private scenes, not into risk taking.
  4. charming48
    hello. I wanted to say hi. my name is Daniel. I am a gay or bi curious male looking for a friend for chat and erotic photos exchange. i like too meet guys from the big apple
  5. 1botolf
    I am from Cleveland. I like naked camping in the summer. Especially when I am naked and the others guys aren't. Loved being one of the naked guys at the bonfire Hillside.
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