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What is your favorite smooth body type?

  1. TickTockMan
    I prefer twinks.
  2. dairyking469
    I like lean and somewhat muscular smooth bodied guys (but I do like pubes). The chest, back, abs, butt...HAVE to be smooth. I shave my back
  3. jonesmike511
    i like nice and smooth, slim with some muscle. and some nicely trimmed and kept pubes are the best
  4. hardreader
    I think jonesmike511 and I are in total agreement. I would just add that a nice long, hard, throbbing cock never hurts, especially when it's spurting load after load of hot jizz.
  5. badboybrent
    Dawson on CF when he's shaved down! Really hot
  6. Joe06877
    I like the twinkie boys........the ones that remind me of the high school locker room. The smoother they are, the more I enjoy looking.
  7. carpediem
    Twinkie Types super smooth as I have some body & chest hair. Got to keep a trimmed Fruit Basket I shave my balls sack, or yours? If you like?
  8. Ragemonger
    Twinks are lovely...
  9. patent
    somewhere between twinks and swimmers' build. i like twinks with a little muscle, but not too much either.
  10. paulo999
    Slim, lean twinks, with smooth face, abs and chest, but with pubes and pit hair. A trail's nice too!
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