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Oral Sex and Cock Worship

  1. Letmeworshipit
    Hi guys. My name is "Letmeworshipit", a blond, clean-cut guy living in Seattle who discovered a long time ago how much he loves a packed pair of briefs on a cock-centric oral top show-off. Let's start posting on here about our oral passions, experiences (I started at 13!), wishes, dreams, venues/places and appropriate pics. Is there anything hotter than meeting up with a guy when you least expect it who ends up sucking you off or giving you a load from his dick? Let's make this the hotter oral group on the net!
  2. Superboy69
    I love dick, just like you buddy! I love to suck cock, and I especially love to have my dick sucked. I guess, for that reason, I really love to 69. Is there anything more fantastic for two men to do? It's the ultimate in man-to-man sex. I've posted several 69 pics for you.

    Hardreader, I like what you have below. There is nothing better than swallowing a buddy's cum. It reminds me of one great experience that I had blowing a guy with a big uncut dick. He left me with a taste for cum, especially when it's a little salty.
  3. hardreader
    OK. So I just decided to join this group because as a lot of guys on JUB already know I have a cum fetish. And there is no better place to get cum than sucking cock. I knew the first time I sucked a guy off (we were both 13) that I had just had the best experience of my life. And that experience is still seared into my brain just as clearly as the day it happened. So are a lot of other wonderful blow jobs I have given and received. But that first time, both of us so nervous and horny. He blew me and I cam like in seconds. I was rock hard before he too me in his mouth and when he started to suck, even with his teeth scraping my shaft, I swelled up even bigger, my nuts disappeared and my cum started to flow. He swallowed. I'd never thought about what would happen if one guy came in another's mouth. But he swallowed. And so when he came in my mouth like two minutes later, I swallowed ... twice. He came a lot and I think that may be where I also bonded with my passion for guys who cum a lot. His cum was really salty, but I loved the warmth of it in my mouth and that I could feel his flow from his cocklips to my tongue. I was con expert my first time, but I knew it was my calling.
  4. falupa
    First sucked cock at age 10 with a neighbor boy my age. We blew each other often all through our high school years. Got caught by his older brother and brother's friend. Sucked them occasionally till they graduated high school.
    First mancock sucked at age 15--he was 40. He was my first uncut cock.
  5. YoungandUncut
    @hardreader: my cock got rock hard reading that story. I'm a virgin when it comes to oral, and always fantasize about what my first time would be like. Imagine someone older than myself, 30-50 years old, with a beautiful cock. Would wrap my lips around their big cock and fucking worship it.
  6. SluttySaint25
    Hey guys thought I'd add to the convo.

    I'm bi so my first gay experience was much later.

    I met this guy online and went over to try some dick for the first time. He was 27yo, great body and was wearing these cargo shorts. We had a 7.5" cut cock with a piercing on his tip. I remember feeling so excited, I sucked him off for about 10 minutes before his room mates (all gay) walked in seeing me. I felt more turned on. They watched until he came on my face.

    Still think about it every now and then.
  7. Hot4Latinos
    Thought I'd chime in: I love to swallow cum and as people on here who have read my posts know I'm obsessed with Latinos. Sucking Latino cock is the thing I love most. My fantasy is to get throat fucked by a group of Latinos, me sucking off one after another. I agree though with Superboy69 a 69 is the best.
  8. dairyking469
    Hi, guys,
    I'm a very closeted, horny virgin...working on my body...can't wait to have sex with a man. I'd love to suck that dick and swallow all the cum...and then work him up to fuck me and cum in my ass...
  9. Shepherd 2
    Shepherd 2
    Men, men, men, I say one hard big cock in the mouth getting oral worship is worth two in the hands getting hot stroking. We must not let one drop of cum go to waste. Then any man with me will want to get on his back for some hot nipple play with chains, and finally for a long lasting fuck.
  10. pushitonmytongue50
    i love sucking, worshiping, savoring a cock in my mouth, I especially love uncut meat, I love to chew, and yes with love! lol
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