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  1. djunkie
    I think this would be a fantastic place to start.

    Tell us a little bit about yourself, what systems you have, and the video games you are currently playing or cannot wait to play!

    I am a 21 year old college student going for my Sign Language Interpreting degree. I own all three current generation systems and plan to upgrade each system as they are released. I am currently playing Mass Effect 3, Skyrim, and Infamous. Would of been done with all of them by now...but school unfortunately gets in my way.
  2. jade
    playing Lone Survivor now!
  3. star-warrior
    I'm old, but I have an iPhone, and my three most favourite games currently are Boxed In 3 and Hamster GoGo and UnBlock Me
  4. Corny
    Currently playing the WoW-MoP Beta and Tribes:Ascend (Free 2 Play).
    Skyrim and ME3 are still on the ToDo list.

    I am of the surpreme PC Gaming Master Race
  5. djunkie
    @Corny. Very cool! Will need to test out Tribes...especially since it's Free 2 Play. @Star-Warrior. Gaming is for any age, and the iPhone is a gaming platform. So, welcome! @Jade. I just watched the Lone Survivor Trailer. Amazing! I should really go and play this. Thanks for the recommendation!
  6. just4kicks
    Hello, well, I grew up playing Atari games (it was probably the best Christmas ever when we got the Atari). Combat .. Joust .. Seaquest .. Pitfall .. I could go on and on. Super Breakout .. Dig Dug ..

    Now I mainly use the Xbox 360. Just finished up Skyrim not long ago. Hoping for some DLC soon ...

    Also into sports games. Love the FIFA series.
  7. djunkie
    I love Atari! I use my Xbox 360 the most out of all the systems I have. Skyrim DLC is comming soon actually! Check this out here. Skyrim DLC
  8. ThatRandomGuy
    I currently have a ps3 at my house. Love video games, rpgs, adventure etc. Finished Nier recently it was a beautiful game.
  9. Sasori
    I love rpgs, racing, fighting, adventure, strategy and sport games... Can't wait for the Wii U to be released, i'm playing old school games, final fantasy I & II Dawn Of Souls, and just finished Final Fantasy - Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers... Almost fell in love with the hero, Layle
  10. djunkie
    The Wii U is gonna be sickkkkk!
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