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General CMNM info

  1. sunbuns99
    Ask and answer general or specific questions about CMNM
    Post links to CMNM sites and resources around the Web
    Make suggestions about this group and its activities

    If you have some specific CMNM situation you're dying to talk about
    or are seeking specific requests, then please make a NEW discussion topic.

    You can find out more about CMNM (clothed male / naked male scenes) at the following sites:
    This Posterous site has links to various other CMNM sites and tumblrs.
    Our CMNM webjam is a social network (the page shown has links to other CMNM sites), but
    you can see much until you join (free).

    By the way, I'm always happy to post and publicize any CMNM events on one of our related sites, including our Facebook page: You must be a Facebook member and logged in to view that page.
  2. sunbuns99
    CMNM can be about the joy and sense of acceptance that a guy gets from being so open and free with his buddies that they can hang out naked - without sexual tension or excitement (at least for some of the time).

    I'm a fan of CMNM - especially in these milder, more social and interpersonal aspects of it. I'm also an organizer and enthusiast. I write a blog called Guys Into CMNM:

    I manage several CMNM social networking groups (with a total of about 3000 members), and also organize real (off-line) events, parties, and meet-ups for the purpose of getting CMNM enthusiasts together.

    There is even a Guys Into CMNM page on Facebook and other related Facebook groups such as No Pants Parties.

    You can find out more at: (then click the Web Resources tab) -- or look on my profile on (sunbuns99) or on [ ] to find the links (copy and paste into your browser).

    We are currently trying to organize a weekend of CMNM events in Honolulu over Xmas. See TRAVEL forum for more or go to the Eventbrite Page at:

    You can also find links to all of these various CMNM sites at our adhoc social network at:
  3. sunbuns99
    I think you guys would be interested and are certainly welcome to participate online or otherwise..

    It could be a welcome (and possible more wholesome and healthy) alternative to the gay bar lifestyle (including PNP). The overuse of alcohol and use of narcotic drugs and other stimulants is a culture that really doesn't need to exist - except for a minority that is downtrodden. Are we as a social (gay) men and sexual (cmnm enthusiasts) beyond that now?

    Many societies have recognized how oppression has extends the negative effects of prejudice and discrimination far beyond feelings of hatred and self-repression but actually affects how people behave within their own sub-groups, and how they treat each other. Racial minorities are coming out of that syndrome to a large extend in the 21st century (finally) .. when will the gay minority start doing the same. (At least those over a certain age.. myself included).

    Sorry .. I got a little off topic,..but - in fact, it is deeply related.

    Men have been afraid to show physical affection even - much less get naked together - for the very reason that it was too 'queer' to do so. Even gay men who are out and confident in their own sexuality are still ill-at-ease with other men - in this respect. So my own CMNM crusading has more than just 'trying to see a naked butt' as its motivation.

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