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  1. Enrico Guarini
    Enrico Guarini
    Hi bros!
    This group was created for those who turn on thinking about sexy brothers having a kiss and a cuddle or even more. Maybe it's the incestuous part of that which makes the whole thing so damn hot!
    I've always dreamt about famous celebrities brothers having sex together and I'm sure I'm not the only one!
    I think it's the fact that they live so close to each other and god they are so fucking gorgeous!
    Let me know about what you think..
    For now welcome to my group!
  2. Superboy69
    Thanks for starting this group, Enrico. I like the idea of "brotherly love". I've posted two pics - one with two real brothers playing football and one with two football brothers "under the skin". I guess that is what I like about football pics - we all look like "brothers" in uniforms. This is my fantasy also.
  3. gaybottomslutt
    i wish i had an older bro haha. thank for making this
  4. Scotty0323
    Great idea! Love those Peters Twins. Would love to see some of these movie start bros in action!
  5. likecrazy
    Ive had sex with my two older brothers and my stepbrother..
  6. Nickeasy
    Hi guys, I'm new to this site. Really like this subject, wish I had a older brother to play with!!
  7. andybrown
    I'm new to the group. Just added two pics of sexy twins, hope you enjoy.
  8. browser00
    My favorites are the Peters Twins and the Harries Twins.
  9. Superboy69
    I thought you might be interested in reading this web page:
  10. Reed1964
    I've never had a brother but the idea sounds nice, I had twin brothers friends that use to talk about showing together and I know there was more to it when it came up in conversation Lol.
    They both cam out gay after college.
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