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Why is JUB resizing and recompressing the images?

  1. Falcon16
    Hey guys, question if I may...

    I'm uploading some images, 900 px max side, and about 250 kb. They seem to be reduced down to 700 px, then uprezzed to 920 px and super compressed down to around 40 kb. No wonder they look like shit.

    Any way to get around this so our images look like they were intended?

  2. Corny
    Sorry, it's not possible. It's a "feature" since most people are unable to resize their images on their own. But I am pretty sure they are not downsized and enlarged again
  3. Falcon16
    Corny, wie gehts,
    Thanks for the reply. I had a feeling that this was the case. JUB is not a photography forum, lol. But the jpeg compression is pretty extreme...
    Anyhow, I'll play around and see if there is a happy medium.
    If you want to talk photography, drop me line! It's a great hobby.
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