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Tops or bottoms of men's feet?

  1. CumLuvr
    I've noticed a lot of guys seem to like the tops of men's feet, but I get turned on by the bottoms....and OMG if my toes get sucked while getting fucked I cum almost instantly!
  2. TheBlackOne
    bottom, but both are good
  3. Saorsa
    It's definitely the bottom of a guy's foot and toes that does it for me. Although seeing a nice manly foot from above is nice too.
  4. nomore
    Bottom as well and bottom only.
  5. realscotsman
    I only like clean, well kapt feet, so both are important for me. I don't like sole/heels to be hard/dry (a little thickening of skin is okay) and as for the tops- toenails clean, not too long an i'm quite fussy about the shape of nails too
  6. StarkissJessie
    I like both, personally, but find the bottom of a man's foot to be SO much more of a turn-on. I love licking them, starting from the heel and all up through the sole until I finally get my lips around his toes... then I just suck them for a bit...
  7. QueenxElsa
    Bottom is sexy am in love with that man
  8. mcbrion
    Tops. I like to see the shape of a man's toes, the curve of the foot, and clear toenails.
  9. IwaoHarada
    I really like both side of a foot but when it cxomes to kissing, licking I tend to give more attention to the soles and toes than to the top.
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