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Attaching & Linking To Pictures

Placing pictures in your posts is a great way to get your point across. How you include your photos depends on the type of fourm you are posting in.

Some forums allow you to upload pictures right into your post and store them on the JUB server. If this option is available, you'll see a "Manage Attachments" button toward the bottom of the screen when you are creating your post. You can upload pictures that fit the size guidelines shown and the system will create thumbnails and insert them into the post.

Currently, you can upload pictures of YOURSELF in the Amateur Heaven forum. In addition, you can upload NON EROTIC pictures to the Hot Topics forum.

All of the other forums allow you to link to pictures hosted on other servers with the built in image display tags: [img]IMAGE URL HERE[/img]

There are some common sense rules that must be followed whether you are linking to or uploading pictures. First, do not link to pictures containing or implying individuals under the age of 18. If in doubt... leave it out of your post. Second, we don't allow pictures of sex combined with violence, rape, torture, or sex with animals. Posting or linking to these topics may cause the suspension of your user account.

When it comes to posting or linking to pictures in your posts, let your good judgment guide you. If you have a question, feel free to ask a moderator for his or her opinion before posting.

I want to change my username.

Only an admin can change your username. Please visit JUB Support and request a username change. Include your email address, current username and your desired new name, and we'll make the change for you. You may wish to include a few different choices as someone else may already have your preferred name.

What's the deal with the rank under my name, such as Virgin?

Postcount Rank:
The "Rank" shown for a forum member goes with the postcount, and is currently as follows:

On The Prowl50
Porn Star300
Sex God500
JUB Addict1000
JUB 10k Club10000

at 1000+ post you achieve the ability to customise your rank by editing the Custom Title field in your user control panel.

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