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I can't stay logged in!

If you can't stay logged into the forum, please check to make sure that shows in your address bar. If you entered the site by visiting first, you may be carrying that address instead.

To fix this problem, type into your address bar directly and then click on the link to visit the forum. If that doesn't work, you may have to manually delete your cookies. Click here for infomation on that topic.

When I visit some sites, all I see are little red X's instead of thumbnails. What gives?

All web browsers send "referer" information to the sites you visit. This information tells the server which page you were on when you requested something. It does not reveal anything about you personally and is important because many sites will not function properly without it. Many sites check this referer information to make sure you are actually on their site before they let you view their images.

Unfortunately, many popular "privacy" and firewall software products block referer information and cause the red X problem you know so well. You'll have to read the documentation that came with your software to turn off referer blocking so you can enjoy the sites you wish to view.

When I visit the New Links page, I don't see the newest sites. What's going on?

Your browser may be set to cache pages so your surfing will seem faster. Basically, the browser only retrieves the page once and when you return to it, you get the old version from your computer's memory rather than from the server. You can set your browser to force it to get the newest version of a page by editing your preferences, or you can try hitting the "refresh" button several times.

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