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Finally an update.

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by , July 3rd, 2014 at 10:22 AM (1356 Views)
Just a rapid comment on my health following up from my last entry. I had the second scan of my lungs which showed no further increase in the nodules found in the first scan. So no more to do now except follow up with annual check-ups.

I am on the final few days of my nicotine patches after which I will have to rely on my e-cigarette to keep me sane and not smoking. It really is a clever invention though I am not 100% that it is not doing me some sort of harm; but as my doctor emphasized anything is better than consuming 20 cigarettes a day for the past 40 years.

The irregularity of these entries is an obvious sign that something is not well with my approach to life at the present moment. The problem is that I am uncertain whether I am suffering from chronic depression or if I am just finding myself incapable of coping with life without my cigarettes.

Lethargy, loss of appetite, lack of interest in anything, a desire to just sleep all day and a huge effort required to get out of bed in the morning all seem to me to be signs that something is not quite right. At least I am managing to control my life sufficiently in that everything that is essential is being done; I havenít yet lapsed into an unwashed anorexic couch potato.

On a brighter note my holiday in England was exceptionally good with excellent restaurants, friends in and out visiting just to see me, garden visits nearly every day and several tours of country houses. And all this done under a blue sky, in warm temperate weather and not one drop of rain. England really is a beautiful place when the weather is good plus there are things you can do there nowhere else in the world.

We had one day just visiting private gardens in a beautiful village. They had all opened in aid of local charities and one was free to wander in and out at will. I must admit that an English garden in sunny weather is an absolute joy to visit and where else in the world could one do that?

Of course when the weather is good I want to return there to live, forgetting about all the depressing rainy days and the freezing cold in winter. But we did a tour of most estate agentsí windows and I quickly realized that I can no longer afford to return there to live as the prices of houses are well out of my reach. So my retirement is assured here in my small flat in Nice.

Another couple of friends, pissed off that they were not going to see more of me this year, managed to persuade me to go to Amsterdam with them for a few days. So that is in the planning stage for August;the flights and hotel are booked and paid for so only the daily organization and restaurants to sort out.

So here I am completely unconcerned about my health, forcing myself to tackle the painting job I have been commanded to do this summer and planning a pleasant short break next month.

Life could be worse couldnít it?

Sorry forgot to put in a link to the holiday snaps in case anyone is interested in having a look.

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  1. DonQuixote's Avatar
    Life is rough when the cost of the South of France is less expensive than Britain.

    But, being able to socialize with friends at will is something, too.

    Is your flat large enough to have guests come visit you?
  2. ahonestguy's Avatar
    While I'm new to JUB and I realize that I am late to replying to this post, but I have read through some of your past blog posts and I want to wish you the best of luck with your health. While I've personally never been in a position like this, I still hope that the condition of your lungs does not worsen, and that you are able to experience more joyful, sunny days in the future with friends and family. Also, I hope that you have/had a great time in Amsterdam with your friends.