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Irish Queer

Rant over the whole "Fergus" casting rooms inicident

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Today I found out that a Gaelic Footballer Player from Ireland did two films on the casting room. One was a solo the other with a guy. Now sometimes I gloss over the affects the sex industry can have and how dark elements of it are but I honestly hate this news. The guy went by Fergus on the site and of course the films reared their ugly heads. The reason I'm angry is because this guy is battling gambling addiction so remove the debate over his sexuality for a minute he maybe actually be so desperate that he goes gay for pay to feed his addiction. I know the arguments that you cannot blame the sites etc. I'm angry at a lot of things, the guy is a father of one, a son, maybe a brother etc. and sleazy gutter rag tabloids have jumped the and printed the story. The guy moved to England to sort his life out and this happens. Did he have a strong support network? Did he want help etc.

I just feel for him as he had to come off twitter due to homophobic abuse although a Gaelic football team was recently praised for a speech the captain gave mentioning the winning teams boyfriends and girlfriends both Cork Hurlers Donal Óg Cusack and brother came out.
I mean the guy needs support and understanding and maybe help dealing with his sexuality as well as his gambling problems. Lucky there are those supporting him. I'm just so angry that private things being done by no professional sports starts are being aired out for all to see by vile people.

Yes in Ireland our GAA stars are celebrities and role models but they are still just as normal as you and me, no million euro contracts etc. They play for passion not profit.

End of rant.


  1. dpnice's Avatar
    Doing a porn video doesn't exactly seem 'private' to me so I don't really understand what you are getting angry about.
  2. coltonblack500's Avatar
    Cool blog post. I am confused about why you are upset about something private.
  3. Irish Queer's Avatar
    Sorry guys it was a rant I wasn't too focused at the time. I mean let himself friends and family deal with this fall out give them privacy to do it and stop reporting on this crap when there are much more important things that should be reported on.