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Special orders

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by , March 21st, 2014 at 02:35 PM (1004 Views)
I'm a big library user. I'm blessed to live where we have excellent public libraries organized in a county-wide system; I can borrow from and return materials to any of the 28 branches. And I can ask for anything circulating from any branch to be delivered to me at whichever branch is most convenient for me. They'll even get books not in the county to me from elsewhere in the state. (I've done that three times and it still amazes me.)

My most recent special orders were for books by gay athletes; baseballer Billy Bean and basketballer John Amaechi. I recently ordered the first book in Anne Zouroudi's Seven Deadly Sins mystery series and the only one of Susan Conant's Dog Lovers Mysteries that I haven't yet read.

It's like I've been on a buying spree and I don't pay a cent. As long as I renew the books and return them in and easy.


  1. dpnice's Avatar
    I miss using libraries but living here makes it complicated to get there.

    As soon as I retire the library will be a pleasant walking distance from my flat so I have the intentions of using it daily; magazines, videos as well as books.