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Miscellaneous Meanderings!

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by , January 18th, 2014 at 07:08 AM (896 Views)
I do miss the days when these blogs were really quite popular. Members visited regularly, left comments and updated personal entries. Are their decline due to the reduction in the number of members on JUB? Or have smart phones and social networks absorbed the free time that members used to allocate to visiting here? We are forecasted even more days of heavy rain, something that drives me nearly into the depths of depression. Sitting here listening to it teeming down outside reduces my moral to zero. Back from yet another unpleasant stay in hospital. It seems the only thing to do when hospitalized is to spend as much time as is feasible sleeping in order that the time passes as quickly as possible. I didnít even bother to sit there reading; I just wanted to escape into my own personal fantasy world. With maps, tour guides and travel brochures on Australia littering Monsieurís office it seems that I shall be free of my employers in a monthís time. The meal time discussions revolve around a possible depart in February. Seeing the destination is such a long haul flight away it seems doubtful that they will be absent for less than a month. I am on my nth attempt at giving up smoking. This time I have the old familiar support of nicotine patches with the addition of an electronique cigarette for the moments I feel like climbing up the walls. It is only 18 days so far and I have tried so many times that I feel a little stupid mentioning it here as I may well not even survive until the end of the month. Being single with my closest friends living across The Channel it is really quite reassuring to have an employer who shows genuine concern over your health problems. Madame was quite happy for me to take time off work after my operation but as you can see from the photograph it is more my vanity that is suffering rather than me being physically ill.
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  1. Scrub's Avatar
    I do still read the blogs. I am having some health issues myself so I don't regularly contribute. Please continue to write. Feel better soon.
  2. belamo's Avatar
    Blogs are so very 2006... that's why.