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Tomorrow never comes.

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by , December 23rd, 2013 at 03:10 AM (520 Views)
Of course, unfortunately, it always does and one finds oneself with a list of unfinished chores and jobs which require completion in an extremely limited amount of time.

Somehow during the past few years I have drifted into a state of lethargy where I prefer doing absolutely nothing rather than making the effort to apply myself to the tasks essential to providing a stimulating and worthwhile way of life.

I read recently that the road to happiness consists of making choices. Inherent in these choices are the sacrifices it is necessary to make to achieve your aims, seeing that it is impossible to apply yourself fully to a wide range of interests. Is family or your working life more important? Are sporting activities more desirable over cultural interests? Everything requires an effort but can this be applied equally to every interest?

Now do I really need to make the effort and sacrifice necessary to change my way of life? Because I am actually quite happy doing nothing is change really that essential just because I feel guilty about being unproductive and boring to the extreme?

What is more important in life: the quantity of books you have read recently; the films you have seen this week; or the happiness that two hours gazing out to sea doing nothing has generated?