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St Petersburg - A Holiday with Friends.

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by , August 29th, 2013 at 02:41 PM (693 Views)
I do wonder if my self-imposed reclusion has made me somewhat egocentric. Not to the extent of being incapable of supporting any contrariety to my own personal desires, but sufficiently to cause annoyance when they are opposed.

All of the holidays I have shared with Sue & Rod have been extremely enjoyable and this one was probably the best; full of laughter, moments of pure emotion and a sharing that few people are capable of achieving. Yet there were moments where the thought of not being able to do exactly as I pleased grated a little. Moments where I knew that if I had been on my own I would have seen more or had a better experience.

The simple differences of opinion that experience all friends of long date where one knows that one’s choice would have been better. Simple things such as a refusal to eat lunch twice in the same restaurant (a delightful place with good food and a spectacular view of St Isaacs Cathedral) which resulted in us eating a cardboard panini in a sterile and unappealing fast food restaurant. When in a strange city you don’t wander around aimlessly just hoping by some miracle to find the perfect little restaurant for lunch; certainly not when you have already found one.

Is it self-centered or just something that everyone suffers when holidaying with friends?

Thankfully I have not yet become such a recluse that I am incapable of making compromises or taking other’s needs into consideration. Unfortunately they both know me so well they knew exactly what I was thinking and were quite happy to let me “sulk” assuring me that “I knew best after all”.

How do you describe a friendship that has persisted for nearly 40 years? It amazes me how they have put up with my homosexual eccentricities over the years. To feel that burst of welcome at every new encounter, to know one is appreciated for what one is, to have one’s failings tolerated and to be aware that they know what all your reactions will be in any given circumstance; that is the definition of a true friendship.

If you don’t have that feeling of being privileged and that you are the lucky one in this relationship can you really call it friendship at all?


  1. zoltanspawn's Avatar
    Although I don't think your friends have put up with your eccentricities because they are homosexual ones, I do think they have put up with your eccentricities because they are lovable.

    Don't forget that.