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Drained and all

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by , August 6th, 2013 at 10:45 AM (1133 Views)
I'm drained. That's it. I'm exhausted. I'm through. Physically, morally, mentally, spiritually.

Everything seems to be walking on the spot for me. Nothing really changes for me or in me. Sometimes I just want to stop fighting and struggling and just rest but I can't because I keep on reassuring myself there is something to chase and grasp. But for what aim?

The river is just a river, the trees are all barrens, and the streets are full of strangers.

P.S. Don't worry. I do not plan on killing myself.


  1. dpnice's Avatar
    It is good that you are not feeling suicidal but it is obvious that you are not enjoying your life either.

    I am certain that you must realise that the only way to improve things is to make the change yourself. So stop everything and do just one thing for yourself, something to give you pleasure and try to do something a little different each day.

    Life is not easy but it can be quite pleasant at times. Don't give up, hang in there.

  2. sixthson's Avatar
    Aren't you doing your medical residency/training? You are feeling pretty normal for such a time in your life, I would say.