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Gone with the Wind

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Being absent for a mere three months, I checked my comments for bittersweet memories - only to get more bitterness. So many people I know self-deleted during the time-out period! And half of them are my close friends here.

I don't know what happened; some might need more time in real life, some might not see the need of hanging out in JUB anymore, some might be fed up of JUB, or some just...move on. There might not be any information about their decisions and even if there were there's no way I could decide where to start to look at.

Kind of sad here. Despite being here for a mere three years and I may not interact more compared with some other members, those people mean much to me. Of course some I can still see on FB (except for my wild, fuzzy mustang - may he rest in peace) And now...

But I guess I should move on too now.



  1. redfox70's Avatar
    By that last line it sounds like you're thinking of leaving us. Please say it ain't so
  2. freefall's Avatar
    No, Vixen, I'm not. I just decided I must not sulk for too long the only thing which will make me self-delete/leave is if this web is banned in my country. Let's hope that day will never come