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man, i'm getting old or my waka waka waka mentality is getting to me.

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i know waka waka waka doesn't make any sense but if it didn't then, it does now.

anyways, i didn't get a chance to jerk off yet and i also feel like pulling and scratching whatever hair is on my head off my head. i am tired. why am i not in bed right now? my own mind and my behaviors are really starting to annoy the fuck out of me because it's not normal. it's abnormal. that's how i feel. well, i'm going to go to a psychiatrist this thursday so we'll see what the deal is. i have a paper where i can write out my thoughts. i also have this job interview going on with these folks concerning something that could be real interesting. who knows. i also am going to apply to the department of corrections in my state. don't care too much to being a correctional officer but i'm interested in the prison system so i might as well. i still want to be a lawyer though. no worries though because by next year, i will have everything all sorted out. believe me, i'll be out the closet and i'll be on my way to doing something that i most definitely want to do.

as for my life, i'm pretty much cool. accepting my l-i-f-e as a gay man. it's all good. one more step on the road to life.

one thing i have to admit, i'm bored because i guess i'm boring. that's me through my own eyes. i guess my issues are a creation of the boredom that i have. MAN, IT'S ALL GOOD, i think. don't know about that. i don't feel good. out. 1