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have the crazy feeling that something's about to happen to me.

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don't know, man BUT i can feel it. it's almost like one of those "watch your back" type of things. went to the therapist today and it went down pretty well. for some reason, i felt like who's face in here. i thought about dude when i was in the office. don't ask me why BUT i kind of thought that i was him. weird enough BUT i have the fucking feeling that something is about to go down. who knows. maybe i'll be hospitalized, run into somebody, make a new friend, get really sick, get a boyfriend or whatever BUT i have the feeling that i myself am going to experience a change that is going to affect me in a major way. maybe i'll become famous or maybe i'm just being paranoid again where i need some sleep.

but i think i'm watching my back with eyes in the back of my head.