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just jerked off and......

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wow, i feel tired as FUCK!! dayum... i went from being a big ball of energy ready to take on the world to slump city.

man..... i decided to do something different today and jerk off to this.

i've jerked off to this in the past. it's on my computer's hard drive. you know, funny thing was i was feeling extra insecure about jerking off to women thinking that it would make me "less gay". like i hated the idea of not knowing it i was gay or not. i just wanted to be 100% gay. well, i know that i'm not 100% gay. i know that the small percentage for women doesn't suddenly mean that i'm bisexual. i would say that i'm gay gay as in i wouldn't marry a woman, i wouldn't date a woman, i wouldn't have a girlfriend, i wouldn't have sex with a woman BUT maybe once in a blue moon, a woman might make me go . still gay though. i've become more confident with my sexual orientation and me knowing where i stand. i can masturbate to whatever i want to masturbate to and know deep in my heart and mind that i am a homosexual. i'm gay.

with that said, i don't know if it's defensive thinking or insecurity or whatever it is but i'm thinking about austin wolfe right now and his ass. it's basically a jerk off solo with him jerking off and finger his bubblebutt. i had a hard time looking at his face when he was looking at the camera. kind of describes my fears. the thought of topping a guy with a nice ass is interesting. it looks like it might be rough though BUT hey.... as long as i can get some mouth to mouth action while i'm topping and do it where i'm on top of him where our faces are face to face with each other.. i would love that. my arms hugging his while i'm podding my dick up that ass. yep.

i feel like being fingered right now though as long as it's NOT my hand.