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by , October 15th, 2012 at 07:18 AM (670 Views)
Yay! The early morning (OMG why did I stay up so late!) casting went well and I've got work next week. Travel again, but only three days. After last week's mega-boredom, it's okay. 3 days isn't that bad. It just means crazy welcome home sex and snuggling til dawn the day I get back.

And I'm meeting a photographer friend tomorrow to talk about interning with him for awhile. He says that I just need to learn the mechanics of life on the other side of the lens. Which is something I'm ashamed to admit I never paid much attention to beyond what I needed to know for the job. But he's seen the pictures I take of my partner and my friends and thinks they're not hopeless.

A guy on the confession thread mentioned that since I'm worried about becoming dependent, that means I probably won't be. Which is the same thing my guy told me this weekend when I told him what I'd written. He can't imagine me being happy 'living off him' for the rest of my life. He also told me that I let things like a slow month get to me too much. Which is also true. You'd think by now I'd be used to the ups and downs, the rejection, etc. I actually used to handle it better when I was younger and had more of a 'fuck you if you don't like me' attitude.

This was a weekend for a lot of long talks. It seemed whenever things quieted down, we'd fall into some kinda serious conversations. Friday was a nice relaxing day in, fucking, laying about, dinner at home. Saturday we went out and had a friend over for some fun after. Sunday was mostly devoted to being hungover! And last night... OMG I swear, he wears me completely out sometimes! I felt like my body was made out of overcooked pasta when he was done with me. Couldn't hardly move. Just laid there trying to catch my breath and recover while he gloated. He is an evil, evil man!

Which of course put me in a fantastic mood that I'm sure contributed to my getting the job. I called him at work a little bit ago and told him I got it. Bastard said he'd have to make sure he fucked me senseless before every casting so I looked my best.

Going to curl up in bed with a good book and my journal, being an utterly lazy, spoilt kept boy for the rest of the day and not worry about work at all.