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just because you don't think i'm attractive doesn't make me any less of a human being than someone you think is hot.

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if you seriously have to look at my face or have to rely on your dick in order to treat me like a human being, then you can go FUCK YOURSELF.

i think the most annoying thing that i see with other gay guys sis how they place a value on someone elses life because they're attractive but seem to be cold when towards someone they deem as ugly. like really, do you seriously go on with life like that? i HATE it when i hear people do that shit. it just shows the type of person they are. just because you want to fuck somebody or because they're eye candy shouldn't be your cue to treat someone like a human being. how would you like me to come up to you, give you a horrible attitude and act cold towards you because i think you're ugly. sometimes i wonder if many fellow gay peers think with their brains and not with their dicks. geez, use your brain, idiot.

and i also think it's lame to try to find an excuse to practice that shit because they see people in the straight community or elsewhere do it. what the hell does that have to do with you? fuck them, we're focusing on you. i'm dealing with you. just because you have other people killing people, it doesn't make it right. quit finding excuses so you can justify your dickheaded behavior.

like treat me like a person. i may not think you're attractive or whatever BUT that doesn't mean that i'm not going to treat you as a person or a human being. if i talk to you, you do NOT know what my motives are. quit assuming that everytime i'm saying something to you or daping you or being friendly with you that i want to suck your dick or be your boyfriend or something. we're talking. treat me like a human being, man. can't we JUST be friends or keep it friendly? do i have to talk to you with an exact motive in mind? these people are terrible, man. same thing with you, quit rolling up to dudes with an exact intent in mind. stop thinking of guys like okay, i want to suck your dick so that's the reason why i'm talking to you in the first place. like hold your breaks. i think that's one of the most disrespectful things a guy can do and something that can ruin his chances at dating. you know, i'm a person. i have my likes, dislikes and whatever. i am NOT a prostitute. i am NOT a porn star. i am NOT someone who relies upon relationships for my well beings. it would be disrespectful to look @ me like i'm someone who's only good for a nut. i NEVER placed any value on myself like that to begin with. if you want to find someone to fuck, you can find him. there's plenty of guys that want to fuck and you can go to them to bust a nut. but when you're trying to gain my trust, trying to be my friend, trying to get close to me, trying to know how i think with the sole purpose of fucking. you are dissing me. you might as well go and rob me or just toss money at me and say "now give me your ass". i am NOT a sex object or a love machine so keep that bullshit away from me.

we can be friends and just hang out. if the event where we happen to become more than friends where we fall for each other then that's when you can do your thing. i would prefer to get with someone that doesn't have ulterior motives before head. i would prefer someone to keep it friendly first with me, get to really know me and then see what happens from there. i wouldn't want to get with someone who's running game on me. don't run game on me. i actually place a value on who i chose to fall in love with and who i chose to fuck. i also want someone to respect me as well and i'll do the same thing. show me the respect where you can love me for who i am whether it's because i'm a jackass, my personality, and etc first and not what you can get out of me. i would rather like someone for who they are much before someone's face, body, or what they can give me.

i think it's really easy in the gay community to find a boyfriend or someone to have sex with. it's difficult to find someone who you have a geniune bond to where you have a real love for that person as in you like who that person is. it's easy to find a boyfriend who you can take around and share the feeling of love with BUT you may not LOVE that person. just because you have sex with someone doesn't mean you're attracted to them. you may just fuck them one time and that's it. whenever i want to have random sex with a stranger who i don't plan on seeing again, i'll do it. but for now, i'm looking for someone who i can befriend for now. someone who can be my gay homie. someone who i can go to gay clubs with, go to the lgbt center with and etc. we can hang out, eat, chill, wild out and the whole nine. that's who i need in my life right now. i'm not really concerned about dating although i'm open to it.

i just think that there's too many guys looking for someone love from anybody that's willing to give it to them who they think looks good or whatever and not someone who they geniunely love.
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