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I told you so!

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by , January 8th, 2012 at 08:11 AM (672 Views)
And here's one for everybody that knows,
that hindsight is the only, the one and only exact science.
Dont drink that booze, you can loose your eyesight
Dont dive from the rocks, you can get paralyzed for life
Dont eat that food, youll only get diarrhea
Dont have random sex, you can get aids and gonorrea
Dont try a cigarette, youll become an addict
Keep off the streets, youll get your as kicked
Don't go to parties, they'll only kick your ass
Keep off the railroad tracks, the last train is yet to pass

I told you so!

Dont vote republican
Dont listen to parliment
Dont listen to what the experts yell
-that always go to hell
Lock yourself in your bedroom
Watch too much tv and youll become dumb

Dont drink to much, youll get in trouble
Never host a party, it'll transform your house to rubble
Have you set an alarm, one that runs on batteries?
You never know when the power's out

And it's time you understand;
I told you so!