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A biting peice of prose

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Every now and then I write something I think has style and punch. This one is from a thread I expect to be trimmed shortly, and I decided I wanted to save it, sort of an example to myself in the future:

This is such self-righteous bullshit as to hardly be worth answering. But lest anyone think there is the least bit of value in such a personal attack masquerading as a diatribe....

There's this thing called "the English language". It has rules, such as spelling and grammar. When one throws things around contrary to those rules, one is either ignorant or a fool.

In my opening post, I basically called for people to actually use English here, and not some bastardized personal version of whatever idiosyncratic imitation of human speech they've cobbled together. When people don't use English, and that means following the rules, they are not engaging in discussion, but braying or barking like beasts.

That you cheer for the beasts says all that needs be said.