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Bi Aussie guy - cum-tasting and slow-wanking + Return to JUB

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by , June 26th, 2012 at 03:26 PM (1029 Views)
It's been a while but I'm back here Basically, I'm looking to connect with other married bisexual aussies here on JUB to find a few mates in the same situation. secure in my bisexuality, happily married but needing an outlet with guys here on JUB, that my wife wouldn't understand. a regular guy in NSW, Australia. str8 acting? I just act like me, nothing else needed. message me or drop me a line

One of my recent favourite things to do is that when I wank I stop myself just before orgasm, but squeeze out half a load - then I eat it. Never used to like the taste of my cum, but that's because I wouldn't like to eat it after I came -- so much tastier to eat before I have a full-on orgasm! Sweet and warm and creamy. Then, if I want to finish wanking (sometimes I save it for regular sex) I squeeze out a little more and wank with it - warm, fresh cum is the BEST lube and it smells so good after! Anyone else do this? Like the sound of it?

I've also been slowing it down a bit, having long powerful strokes instead of superspeedy-hands wanking. Forgot how good that used to feel, makes the orgasm really intense.

I've also been having fun finger fucking my arse. I'm just loving the great in and out feeling and rubbing my prostate. A couple of weeks ago, I even sat in the bathroom and fucked my own arse for 30 minutes - I didn't have an orgasm but it was the closest thing to it, and that was for nearly the whole 30 minutes! Awesome feeling. A couple of days ago I also squeezed out some cum before orgasm, and used it as lube to finger fuck... wow!

I'm having a lot of fun rediscovering myself!


  1. Spencer00's Avatar
    Does your wife know your doing all this?