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i'm all for the truth, reality and what have you..

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i just had to post this because when i first logged on to the web, i saw all this hype about one of the jersey shore cast members getting locked up for public intoxication? you know, it's funny how they have all this reality tv shit on every single network from the cooking channel to the weather channel where you can't even learn how to cook new recipes or even get the forecast for the day. that's why i'm happy as hell to be living in 2012 because if this was 2002, i would be screwed a huge deal with a 56k modem that would let me browse the internet every 10 minutes. we off that.

but back to my point, it seems like reality nowadays is blurred from false perceptions. this video reminds me of my job situation. i was looking all over the internet for job opportunities and am now figuring out how i'm going to get my security license because i just want to make some decent amount of money will plotting my next move. still thinking about filing to be a police officer or doing something in the criminal justice field. that's what i have my degree in and i'm not changing my tune at all. that's what i'm going for. but you see.... a lot of people are caught up in a lot of the bullshit not seeing what things really are and how fucked up everything really is. for every person that is flossing, showing off their money, spending a shitload of cash or whatever the hell else, there's someone else that is broke, trying to figure out a way that they'll survive and the whole nine. these are people that may be in the ghetto, may be in the suburbs such as myself still living with their parents in their mid 20s, going towards their 30s and etc. if you don't have all the resources already at bay, you pretty much have to bust your ass to get to where you have to go and it gets worse if you're not a certain skin color, you live around a certain area, and the whole nine. people don't want to hear about that because the truth hurts and they claim that it's being "negative". well, i live life everyday and i see shit for what it is. you know, it's heartbreaking but the strong survive though.

but looking @ these jersey shore trolls. they pretty much aren't doing shit but acting like idiots and getting paid a cool million per episode for a so called "reality" tv show. well, that's funny because in real life, the shit that they do on that show such as being public intoxicated will not get you a million but will give you a shitload of fines and will even kill your chances of finding a job in a climate which makes it hard to get a job anyway.

and you know, it also doesn't help when you have to deal with people such as family which is telling you straight up "you're not trying hard enough to get a job" comparing you to everybody else when everyone's situation is DIFFERENT and having to settle for shitty ass jobs where you get treated like a ho for minimum wage. it's like i'm trying to rise above and shit but yet i'm being pushed into positions that are fucking killing me. like do i seriously want to go from one job to another shitty job with a college degree. FUCK THAT. i understand if it's towards my career but what i look like going from a fast food spot to somewhere like whole foods and then getting told by potential employers that i need more experience doing shit in MY field in order for them to hire me? man, shit is fucked up. honestly, i need to get myself a car or i just need to move the hell out of here to somewhere more beneifical to me like nyc because jersey ain't shit.