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by , May 23rd, 2012 at 12:44 AM (2521 Views)
So I am officially 100% out. nobody is bound to secret anymore. everyone I deemed important enough to tell has been told!

I'm in my hometown for a couple of weeks visiting my family, and all my old mates. I spent a couple of days telling more fringe family members, and those I thought wouldn't take it well. To my pleasant surprise, everyone was really good about it. Even my conservative old pop, who's only concern was my continuing the family line.

So a little elated I called all my old mates together for a bit of a party last Saturday night. we'd all had a few drinks and I was waiting for an opportunity to arise, when one asked me, so you got a slutty girlfriend yet? I took it and said, no, but I've had a couple of hot boyfriends. everyone passed it off as a joke, and he said, nah seriously. so I repeated myself. then he looked at me and said, no way, if you were gonna come out youd do it more officially. so i stood up and said. Guys I'm gay. And it felt fucking awesome. after a few seconds of sinking in the questions started, and for the first time in years I was sharing openly with my friends. I was more than happy to share everything (we're the kind of friends who share A LOT).

I remember over the years they would all share sex talk and stuff like that and i wouldn't be able to contribute, and when asked to I had to lie. But we spent that whole night just talking, we went out and the town and I had many a deep and meaningful with all my mates.

Bottom line. everyone knows now. and everyone loves me just the same. I wish I could go back in time and tell myself how proud I am for making that first step. And some of you who read this will know, that you helped me to make it. Very special thanks to you, and all of JUB really


  1. quasar's Avatar
    Congratulations mate! So begins another chapter in your life. There's no guarantee that it's all going to be plain sailing - but at least you now know that you have a great set of friends that will support you. Isn't it great not to have that dark shadow looking over your shoulder!