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Almost half a year...

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I miss my mum. In a coupla days time, she'll've been gone half a year.

Springtime with all the blooms and ready rain, the cool breeze and lengthening days has brought renewal, and there is a lightness in my step.

We're renovating the house, having moved a lot of old stuff out, spring cleaning it and our lives here.

The old kitchen is stripped bare, ready for a new one, the bathroom too. I'm excited looking forward to its completion.


  1. Huntneo(PT)'s Avatar
    awww *hug*

    I cannot imagine what it's like to lose a mother, star-warrior. I am sure, however, that it must be very hard. I am so proud of the strength and courage you showed on JUB around the time of her passing. I do like the way you've kept going, remembering the good times, and handling your business--so to speak. You are quite the inspiration.
    I'm so sorry for your loss.. I do understand, my Mother passed away about ten months ago. It's the most horrible hurt I have ever experienced. I do understand. Best Regards