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Doctors' Love Approach Method: just for fun

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1. Anamnestic type
This type of 'doctors' usually approach their persons of interest via words. They must collect enough information verbally so as to determine their next step(s). This kind of people are very detailed and usually hard to resist since they are good in revolving their sentences but can be pretty sly and argumentative, especially with their super move: "But you said you were ________________!!!"
Further, anamnestic people can be classified into 5 types:
  • Identity: Be very careful with this type. They are usually into another aspects of you, usually related to your wealth ("How old are you?" continued by "What is your occupation?" and/or "How do you pay your bills/hospitalisations?"). On some other cases, marriage might be a turn-off (which is a good thing) or a turn-on (which is the beginning of a disaster). Races or religions can also play a role, in which you can detect whether s/he is really casual about it, s/he is an exclusive/extremist/even a racist, or s/he has a weird attraction toward different strokes.
  • History of current: Usually this kind of people are realists and they see you as who you are right now. Of course what happened in the past matters , but they acknowledge it as how the past influences and molds you as the person today. P.S.: Just be patient with all the open questions and you can see them reluctantly opt to the yes/no questions =P
  • History of previous: Another one to be a bit aware of. Why do they want to know about what happened in the past so very much, in detail, including what you did to make yourself feel better about it? This can be a sign of early mistrust, which indicates the person to be a jealous or an obsessive type...otherwise, you should think you're being wooed by a detective in disguise, who thinks you look like a wanted fugitive, or by a bounty hunter, who has the same thought with the detective.
  • Family history: So s/he wants to know more about your family and your relationship with them. This might be a sign of intimacy and open-mindedness. However, when s/he starts to invade further, you ought to make sure s/he's not an obsessive type. Especially in combination with the identity questions, be careful about hidden intentions.
  • Social history: Usually this type of persons like people who have good social life. If you're secluded and have decided to spend your remaining years as a hermit, don't bother to respond as they will just walk over you. P.S.: Observe them meticulously. When you see danger signs (e.g. needle tracks, haematomas, lipodystrophy, excessive tiredness, dilated pupils, excessive/absence of movements, etc.), you know what to do.

2. Physically examining type
This type of 'doctors' uses their observation skills more than their words. Usually they are highly educated and intelligent (and sensitive too) and might often amaze their opponents by showing their observation results. However, they usually lack empathy and it is difficult for them to remember things - they tend to forget many things, including the name of the person they are flirting with, in the matter of milliseconds.
There are four subtypes here:
  • Inspecting: They watch everything about you. For the head to the toes, from every blink and exhale to even the most subtle finger movements. They study everything about you and have theories between your every aspects. They can be very annoying with this, but they tend to be romantic even without trying at all. On an excessive level, consider them to be a stalker. Yet on a superficial level, they are superficial people who digs people with good skin-limited qualities.
  • Auscultating: They listen to your every words and sounds, so your choice of words, your often swearing words, the songs you sing/whistle, or even your fart/belch matter to them. They don't take much so they are good listeners and good shoulders to cry on, though you might want to ensure they are not pretending to be one. They will never make the first move, so you have to be the aggresive one.
  • Palpating: As what the name implies. They usually have a well-defined body language and frequently foul thoughts. Without combination with other types mentioned, void them at all costs.
  • Percussing: Yeah, some people are into S/M (really, I respect them), but bruises all over their bodies every single minute? Trust me, you don't want to date a potential abuser.

3. Supportive examining type
The most mysterious type, as they (claim to) look deeper than what seems to be. They tend to dismiss physical traits and lurk into the inner beauty, but at times it's hard to know if they're really good at this (remember the awkward moment when you lift the X-ray or CT photo and have no idea what to find in the black-and-white Roschach-like photos). It's really hard to find people with purely this trait.
  • Bloodwork: The most mysterious type; tend to be OCDs. They dig into even the smallest aspect of your life, which even you might not realise. Whatever their intention whilst discovering this and what they're using it for is hard to comprehend. They usually have a sharp tongue and criticise you often, on most cases not because they want to bring you down, but more because they're honest and they expect you to be the same to them; yet on rare occasions they can give you nice unexpected treats. On a higher level, they could be control freaks and, even worse, obsessive and jealous type. On the evil side, combined with negative traits, they might have hidden intentions and plan to use your unknown aspects for their own good.
  • Head X-ray: A weird one. On a positive side, they tend to be artists and see the world in a different way. Nonetheless, usually they're into weird stuffs and they have fetishes. So the double dare: either they see you as a piece of art, or a piece of strangeness they are attracted to. Either way, if you can't stand them smelling your feet, taking pictures of you cooking with only a cellophane apron, or being excited when you crack the mirror with your appearance in the morning, you better take a step further.
  • Thorax/abdominal X-ray/CT-scan: They really look into your heart. They really don't care about anything else. What else should I say here? That they're looking whether you will have a heart attack so they can take your treasure? Actually, it could be - only when combined with negative traits.
  • Head CT-scan/MRI: They dig into your intellectuals. They are often smart too and demand you to be at least as smart as them. They could be artists too. On a downward point, they are usually hard-headed, so expect conflicts and arguments with them. Combined with negative traits, the thing is the same with the thorax/abd X-ray/CT-scan.
  • USG (applies to women only): She asks you if you like children and how many children you want? That is normal. She is furious to see no space for children in your house? Or she asks you to palpate her tummy to roughly check the integrity of her uterus? Now that is creepy. If you really want her, however, be ready to be like Steve Martin in the movie "Cheaper by A Dozen". P.S.: Look at her history. Danger signs include break-ups with vague reasons (usually she complained the boyfriends have no commitments), no history of dating AT ALL above the age 35, estranged from the family, having almost no casual real-life friends, workaholics, high position in their occupations, and frequent masturbating.

4. Therapeutic type
Need I explain? They're only into the actions. Do not expect anything more than a one-night stand. For preventive and promotive types, it's not better; they're making sure you won't complicate their lives in the future.

So, which one is you? :lol: :cool: