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Out of the closet

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by , February 28th, 2012 at 08:30 PM (1000 Views)
So it's done. My mum came up for her holiday, and I told her I was gay. And I feel so much more free because of it :)

It was terrifying, the first few days she was up i couldn't find the courage to tell her. so I talked to my best friends and my boyfriend and they all helped me until eventually I broke it to her.

We were alone at my house sitting on the couch playing mario kart, when I paused the game and said there was something I had to tell her, she said yes i know I'm terrible at this game, which made me laugh, because she sincerely thought thats what I had stopped to tell her. Then I said it. "mum I'm gay". And the instant I said it, I wasn't afraid anymore. it felt like a great weight lifted off me.

At first mum thought I was joking, like everyone else seems to, until i repeated myself. She told me that she still loved me the same, and that she knew that I was still the same person. Then we talked about the usual stuff, how long had I known, when did i come out first, who else knew. She told me she had never had the faintest thought that I might be gay, which surprised me. I also told her about my boyfriend, and my ex, which explained a lot to her because she has been witnessing my emotions over the past six months without any explanation as to why I had felt that way.

Eventually the conversation led to telling dad. Mum said she would do it and that he would probably be fine with it. but I'm not so sure with dad. he's old fashioned :/

But still, I'm completely out now. I can live my life as an honest gay man and it feels good. :)