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Shepherd 2

Laying Down at Death's Door

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About sixty days ago, I learned again, that when life serves you lemons, you better know how to make lemon aide. It was not an easy lesson. On Tuesday November 22nd, I was on my way to see my doctor for an appointment, routine it was to be.
So I did what I always do in the morning, I went shopping for a couple of newspapers, and on that morning, it would help me while waiting for my appointment in the doctor's office.

It was two days before Thanksgiving, and I had to park about thirty-five spaces from a front door. I walked my usual cautious way toward the door. Even though I saw a driver on a cell phone sitting in the driver seat of a car, I decided it was safe to walk behind that vehicle. The instant I set my foot down in back of the rear bumper, the ignition came on and the car was put in reverse gear as the white lights indicated. The motion rammed into my right thigh, and I was slammed to the ground. Mercifully I screamed LOUDLY, "NO!" It was enough to cause the driver to stop.

I struggled to drag my body out of harms way, and the driver noticed me, and with the cell phone still in hand called back to me an observation, "I did not see you." Then with tactic concern asked, "Are you OK?"

Stupidly, I said in response, "I think I am." With that it must have been a sound of dismissal, for away the driver drove, not even stopping to assist me to my feet or to call 911. If the driver had backed over my body and legs, I would have died right there in the market parking lot. I really wanted to survive, but I learned a lesson that day.

No I did not get a licence plate number. No I did not get the driver's name, address, phone and insurance information. What I got was a message about a more direct response for me, if it would ever happen again. I will say, "Call 911, and stop and help me up."

Two months later, with no broken bones, I am finally feeling a lot better and the pain is gone. Yes we looked at parking lot videos with the stores management. Yes, no one has ever checked back with the store. I am fortunate, and I promise it is important to learn from every experience, even near death experiences.

My partner has said that I have nine lives. To my knowledge, I can count about three that I know about. Enough is enough. I will try to do better. Yes, I will try to make lemon aide.