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Shepherd 2

Take Cell Phones Away from Drivers!

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Last November, I was walking behind a parked car in a market parking lot. Just as I stepped behind the driver who was in an animated session on a cell phone, the said driver started the car and instantly started to back up. I was bumped to the ground with a bruise on my right thigh.

On the way to the ground I yelled "NO!" at the top of my lungs, and mercifully the driver was able to stop the car. Now if you thought this driver was going to turn off the car, help me to my feet and get me assistance, you are incorrect. Instead, while still in conversation on a cell phone, the said driver, looked back, and in what I interpreted as an accusatory tone, announced sharply, "I did not see you!" Then without a pause asked, "Are you OK?"

My response, in my opinion which was patently stupid, was to say, "I believe I am OK." Then before I could get a license plate number and state, or driver information, the said driver, left the scene making this a hit and run. Sadly, the store videos were no help. For six weeks I was hurt and hobbled. Then my doctor happened onto a prescription for a diuretic. It helped and I am much better.

Nothing was apparently fractured. My pains are now behind me in time. But my unease about walking in any parking lot is near the paranoid level. I walk between the front end of the cars when possible. I have lost a considerable amount of self confidence.

Just when things go well for a while, along comes another event like this one, and as always, it is important to learn from such experiences. Two things come to mind. I have learned caution with focus in the moment. And I have learned that should anyone ask me such an important question in the future, I want them to call 911 on their cell phone, so police have the much needed information. Also, I pray for safety in unfamiliar as well as most familiar circumstances.

I will come through this, and I am glad to be doing as well as I am.
Bumped and Bruised Shep+:##::##:(*S*):croynan: