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"Can I have a Scipio Beaver?"

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So, much has happened... It's been like 5 days since I've written.

Thursday I went to work, yada yada, then went and packed, and then my friends and I all went out and looked at houses. After that we went to Village Inn, and I swear to God I'm amazed Kellen didn't get bitch-slapped by the waitress. He was totally dogging on women. I also got to meet Kellen's friend Bentley, who I think is a cutie. (!) (!) I laughed so hard, I think at one point I cried. "Can I have a Scipio Beaver?" :p :lol:

Friday I woke up and Jamie and I went and picked up her bouquet and headed to Vegas. We made pretty good time. We left at like 11, and got there in about 6 1/2 hours. Around 2:30, while we were still driving, I got a call from Jon. He had gotten off work and was going to go hang out with Chris because Chris's Mom had just gotten out of the hospital but then she had to go back in because she started puking when she got home. I felt really bad for Chris.

We wandered around Vegas trying to find the Mardi Gras hotel, but then we found out that they weren't even staying there. They were staying at some place called the Golden Palms and her fiance hadn't gotten to sleep until noon. It was crazy. They had all gotten totally trashed the night before. BJ had a rug burn on her forehead, and she couldn't remember how she got it. It was great. BTW, Golden Palms is totally Ghetto. Totally Ghetto...

We went to the Rainforest Cafe at the MGM and had a blast there. I got a good reaction with one of my jokes..."What do Gay men call a used condom?".... "Sack Lunch"...:lol::lol: Everybody loved the joke, even James's parents.

At this point I went and dropped James and Jamie off at their hotel and right as we get up to the hotel room I got a call from Chris. He was freaking out because Jon's Dad just told his Mother to pick one of them to stay in the house. His Mother was bawling, and Jon was incredibly upset. I freaked out and the first thing that went through my mind was that I needed to immediately drive home. I finally talked to Jon, and he was ok with it. He was so angry, he actually was laughing. It scared me. I then decided to try and have some fun in Vegas anyways.

Don't ever eat at the Boardwalk's buffet.... You'll regret it...

The next day we went to the Forum Shops. OMG, they're huge, and oh so pretty. I wish I had money.

Saturday night was Jamie's wedding. She got married at the top of the Stratosphere on the 103rd floor. It was awesome. I met her dad, and he seemed cool. Then we all went up to the observation deck and looked out over all of Vegas. It's a huge city, and its growing very quickly. So many buildings going up...

When I was leaving the Stratosphere, B's little brother (he has down syndrome, so I completely understand), came up and asked me to do him a favor. I was like, "What is it?" He said,"Nate, stop being gay. I'm sure there you'll find the right girl someday." "It's not that easy, Brett." "It is for me." I laughed. :lol: Oh, the innocence.

I then wasted a whole bunch of time that night and when I found out that I wouldn't be able to leave until Sunday afternoon I decided to get plastered. It was great fun. I chugged the vodka 3 times, taking 4 or 5 gulps each time. I was shitfaced in no time.

Then I woke up and I think I was still drunk. I'm a lightweight so its not hard for me to get plastered. Sean drove me to the Stratosphere where we met Jamie and James for breakfast. Then Sean and Thompson left and it was just Jamie, James, and I. We went to 2 porn stores and we all bought something. Then we went back to the Stratosphere and They picked out which Wedding pictures they wanted to keep.

The drive home took forever... #-o #-o

We got back at 8:30 and I immediately went and hung out with Chris and Jon. I had missed them tons. I really wish they could have gone with me. Oh well...

It's good to be back. Now I just need to find a way to make more money... Peace out Folks! :wave: