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I knew this would happen

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by , November 28th, 2011 at 04:15 AM (729 Views)
OMG, would someone please just kill me now? I have become the only single guy on my 4 man bowling team. Well, I have been for a couple of weeks already. One guy brings his partner with him every week and like a happy couple they behave like a happy couple. Then there's my fireman friend for whom I've grown to care a great deal more than I should have... After a summer of hanging out and whatnot he's cut me out completely because he's trying to get back together with his last boyfriend. And then there's the third guy who has begun dating a new fellow. He's swimming in that hearts and rainbows effect- every day there's an fb status update professing his love. This morning as I check my fb I find he's been dedicating love songs nearly all last night. I know I'm supposed to be happy for everybody but honestly right now I kind of want to vomit.