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My pseudo-graduation

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by , September 17th, 2011 at 05:53 AM (493 Views)
Two days ago was my badge's graduation. I went to the campus to attend it.

Well, actually, even though it's my year, I was not supposed to attend it because technically and legitimately I haven't graduated yet until February (you can read why in the other entries).

But I insisted to go as a 'special' guest. Just to enjoy the moment.

And it's the first time I didn't regret my impulsive actions. The graduation was a pseudo-procedure for me, but the moments were real. My friends were all astonished and glad to see my unexpected appearance. I felt genuinely happy for my friends who had finished their first course and would now continue, and I felt happy for myself for agreeing to be a part of the live fanfare :)

For those curious, you can see my photos in my FB :)