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A bum is born

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by , September 14th, 2011 at 02:40 PM (629 Views)
There sat a poor bastard on a bench by where i live
His eyes were full of tears
he screamed at everybody that passed
They shaked their heads and said
'My god, I'm happy'

In 2010 he woke up from his dream
It had set a mark on him
Bombing, pillaging, drinking
everything that a war is.

After the war he came home to his humble home
Back to his wife that waited for him to come
But everything wasnt like he'd thought
She had gotten a new friend
So it was back to his dreams again

Medals on his chest, he raved around
Wine, beer and booze in his veins
And as time goes, it's 25 years today
Since a bum was born

A tragic story from a tragic pen
He asks for no pardon, He prays no prayers.
He prays no prayers.