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Anyone still out there

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Ha not sure if I still have any readers or followers of this blog. Sorry I have not been around for a long time but well I have gotten out of checking in here as JUB has changed and well I have changed and what can I say.

I wanted to repost my opus story My Best Friend and am not allowed to do it as I wrote it with the new restrictive rules in place. I fully support rules and fully support the owners of JUB to do whatever they have to do for the site. That being said I don't agree with this rule and feel that censorship does not work in the long run. Never has and never will. Oh well that is my feelings.

My life is really really good right now. Yes I am still a virgin and still pumping my own meat each and every day and usually on most days at least 2 times. I am still overweight and still hairy and still have just an average 6 inch cock.

But damn I have so much. I have a job I truly adore and love, a great house, a great family, a few good live friends, a love of good boooks and good movies and good music and good beer and good wine and good food.

I have the internet and there is so much fuel for my very active imagination and at 62 almost 63 I have what I would consider a truly active imagination. I love porn and living an isolated life it has opened a world for me I never could imagine just a few short years ago.

I have one truly wonderful beautiful internet buddy friend mate who shares my love of good looking men and one good and true friend is worth it I think. He knows who he is.

So anyway that is me. I will be checking in from time to time and hope maybe a few of my past readers are still out there.

If so I love you all. Peace:kiss::kiss::kiss::kiss: