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I'm in the Big Easy, baby!

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It's Pride Month.
I'm in New Orleans.
I just had oysters at the oyster bar you and I used always go to. I didn't have the oysters on the half shell without you -- it just wasn't the same without you.
I went to the general session and Dan Savage spoke forecefully, thoughtfully, and even a little bit weepily.I have to admit to weeping through almost the entire presentation because everything was so honest and he tied it in beautifully to librarian's desire to sped information. His comments about libraries were genuine and realistic. He did no pandering to the audience.

Baby, you would ave loved it. I would have loved sitting there with you and you holding my hand. Then we could have gone to this bar and enjoyed a beer and plates of oysters on the half shell. What a party we would have hsd.

AND THEN FOR THE NY SENATE to pass the legislation to give gays the write to many on this wonderful day that it seems that it was a day to remember.

We would have had to celebrate this sweet night wit champagne,chocolate, and kisses and love.

and and and more kisses. and many I love yous.

We woud have had such a party