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been visitin my family in south african - only get to see em once a year since i moved to canada and this year my trip was delayed as i was waiting to see if i got in to study and surprise i was rejected again . . . So seeing the family how wonderful time to relax and chill and do nothing - if only. i got home and walked around and was nearly in tears - the place is run down the garden looked like a jungle things were falling apart . . . i was embarrassed my parents live like this. My dad physically cant do any of the repair and financially they really cant .So i re landscaped the garden and started the repairs and got a friend of mine who is a general contractor to quote on the big stuff i cant do. its been 3 weeks and im tired and sore . . . my hands blistered and calloused and im popping ibuprofen+codeine. So far the only breaks ive really had were a 2 hour discussion with dads cardiologist to hopefully avoid a valve replacement and babysitting for my best friend for a bit. I did manage to go see thor which i landed up going to see all by myself as noone wanted to go see it or were busy aarrggg. I leave in over a week and its terrible to say but im looking forward to going home and sleeping in my own bed with my bunny and maybe planning a real holiday . . . so tired - anyways enough pity party bitch session i have siding to sand and paint and then repair some drains to fix paint and find covers for