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Shepherd 2

Learning to Live with Uncertainty

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One old saying I never much liked, but it was a sobering thought. It is nothing is certain in life but death and taxes. Actually, I am learning that it is the unexpected deaths that catch me up short. The ones that hurt the most are those of children, especially those I have known well.

Living into this present time, I am having a lot of lessons. Could it be that God sees me as a sort of slow learner, or is it that the lessons are now more certain, for I am standing always closer to the end of life than its beginnings. In a way that is true for all of us. One thing that keeps me smiling, is that my libido is just as strong as ever. My desire and appreciation for deep and passionate love making is just as deep now as it ever has been. I hope that good news cheers you a bit to read it as it does me to be able to say it.

Chin up fellow JUBBERS, life is for living. You live it well, and my wish is some happiness for all of you.
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