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Shepherd 2

Death of My Horse, Old Horney

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Nearly a month has passed since the day we had to put Old Horney down. It was a Wednesday morning. I was so distraught, and it has been exceedingly tough to not cry every day. He was a dependable and much loved stead, and we were close friends for twenty-two years. He was an Andalusian and had a wonderful temprement.

He loved to be brushed each and every morning after getting his amount of oats and fresh clover hay. This time of touching meant that we became very attached to each other. I would liken it to being lovers. We knew and trusted each other well. I loved our years together and will always miss him terribly.

All together he was 26 years old. Together we rode one mountain trail or another on thousands of occasions. His love of adventure matched mine, and together those were mostly times of sweet solitude. He seemed to love to have me talk to him. The good news to my knowledge he never told another my personal secrets. What I said when with Old Horney, stayed with him.

We also read each other like an old familiar book. He always seemed to know if I was having sexual thoughts. In response he would not uncommonly get randy himself. Part of it that I never fully understood, he always seemed to want to lick the fly of my jeans causing me to spring a woody and show his own prodigeous cock. Was my horse gay? Or was he simply horny too?

Finally, a secret of mine. I loved to ride him bareback (not sexual or without a condom) but without a saddle, and he always seemed to like that as well, and mostly wanted to run with me on his back. My partner suggests that maybe he was ashamed of my nakedness. My memories are so precious. It is hard to believe he could really be gone. But I am so grateful for his twenty-two years of friendship. I miss him terribly. Yes I did have him cremated, and his cremains are where I can visit each and every day.