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Not quite yet.

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I haven't paid a lot of attention to my blog, if that's what you want to call it. I am just now reviewing some of the items I wrote about and thought I'd update and be a bit serious for a change.
While I seemed to do good while I was on treatment for Hep C, viral load went negative I didn't stay in remission after treatment stopped however. Latest MRI showed mild cirrhosis, so no more occasional Margaritas. There is a new drug being approved this summer and we will probably be going for one last round of treatment. My doctor is very up and optimistic about the new stuff, a protease inhibitor, for any of you who may know what that means. I have a vague idea. I'm very fortunate to have this doctor ,he is known far and wide and makes addresses to conferences, in fact they changed my appointment because he was needed to give an address at some national conference. He is a professor at Indiana University Medical Center. So once more into the breech sometime later this summer.

If any of you have Hep C and wish to talk about it please PM me. I've been dealing with this for a little over ten years now. It's really scary when one first finds out about it. So if you need someone to talk to I'm around.
Best of health to us all,(*8*)