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Life is so Random!!!!!

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So, I realized today that life goes on. I told Chris and Jon how I felt about what happened and how I had way too much time to think last night. My life will go on....

Chris is such an awesome guy, and he feels horrid that he might have hurt me, but the only one doing anything to hurt me is myself. People tend to make themselves doormats. No one makes them into one.

I gave in and turned Bruce's phone back on. Jon didn't take it very well. No big surprise there.

So, the whole point of this post was to tell you what happened when Chris and I went to Village Inn. OMG, how random is this. I was discussing my sex life with Chris and we were talking about my fetishes. The woman in the booth sitting right behind Chris turns around and says, "Shame on you. You should know better." I had been telling Chris about the 2 times that I've bottomed I've done it bareback. It's been a long time since it happened (4 months), and its not something I practice on a regular basis. Well, it just so happens that the woman knew a guy in Salt Lake named Drew thats a red-head and 22. She said she would have loved to give him my number, but then she was like, "No Glove, No Love." As we were leaving I asked her if she wanted my number. She told me no. I was kinda hurt, and I'm not even remotely a slut, it's just how things have happened.

January has been good. I actually gave a friend of mine a BJ back about 3 Sundays ago. He's huge. OMG

Ummmm....yeah. Tonight was definitely a positive thing. I'm feeling mostly better, I just want to be able to love someone. If you understand what I mean. I have a lot of love to give...

So, January was cool; I went to coffee with my friend Angie that I haven't seen in forever. Hopefully I'll talk to her again soon. And, that wraps it up for tonight. If you have a question or anything, PM me, or leave a comment.

Nate ..| (!)