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Shepherd 2

Farewell Old Lang Syne 2010

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No, I am tired of looking back. Seventy years is a lot of looking. Frankly, 2010 sucked. Forget the stupid Tea Party and the Republicans, I had my own shit going on. But on this December 31st I saw a tabloid headline that made me smile a lot. It read: "Sarah Palin's Big Secret, She is a Lesbian."

For me personally 2010 was almost as big a change as was 2009 when I had a cochlear implant, and now hear for these past 21 months. This year in April I had cataract surgery in both eyes and new lenses implanted. For the first time in memory I see without the need for glasses. I still swipe my head to remove them from time to time. Nearly seventy years one can accumulate some quirky habits.

After falling all around in 2009, I did keep my feet in 2010. But I had some general symptoms of the aging process that I do not like. One thing is really good. I think I am hornier than ever. Too bad for my partner of twenth-seven, soon to be twenty-eight years. He has to keep on putting out for me, and I, of course, am thrilled to do the same for him.

Two of my closest friends are now ninety-six. Both men are gay. So maybe longevity is the lot of some of us. I wonder if the president's letter on number 100 is going to be, "Happy Birthday to a Gay Centenarian!"

Whatever is in store, I am ready to look ahead into the future. I am fond of telling others I am living on borrowed time, and God willing, I am ready to borrow quite a few more years. Looking back is so full of things to remember, it is no wonder we have so much trouble remembering things at times. No let's look forward. I wonder what surprises are in store in 2011.