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No, It Isn't

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by , December 11th, 2010 at 01:06 AM (1124 Views)
Funny, how useful dreams can be -- them, and random thoughts and imaginings that can be attached to them.

I'd dreamed of having a hot young guy to hang with, and we were chilling in some vehicle, like a van or something. I'd just had an orgasm -- and I felt miserable.

I've noted before in my blog -- I hope in this category, though that's not important -- that I grew up believing that sex is evil, being horny is the devil's influence, and all that. I like to think I'm past all that, but a couple of decades of conviction at the start of life don't go away so easily. So sometimes after an orgasm, I feel horrid, guilty, miserable.

So in my not-quite asleep, not really awake mode, I pulled this kid close, and he guessed I wasn't interested in more sex just then. And I explained to him what I just abbreviated above, about my upbringing and sex and all. I told him how I was sure that beating off was cooperating with Satan, and so was having sex. I explained that it was steps in giving in, from being stimulated by horny feelings to acting on them, getting deeper into the devil's realm. And the last step, of course, I said, is that orgasm was totally in Satan's realm, that cumming is defeat.

No, it isn't.