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Another new job!

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by , August 11th, 2010 at 10:56 PM (592 Views)
Got called to the Manager's Office about noon today. Never a good thing. My Manager was using the Big Manager's office.

Was told to sit down. Again, not a good thing.

I asked if I was getting fired, and what I did wrong. A laugh came, and the response was 'No, it is not bad.'

Big Cheese Manager comes in. I was informed the Receiving Team Manager was leaving the Company's employ (translation: was being asked to leave in two weeks) and because I'm the most organized person in the building, I'm being asked (translation: You Don't Have A Choice If You Want A Job) to take over the position. For more money (it's retail, so not THAT much more).

I'm afraid it is a dead end job but hey, it's a job, easy to do, pays fairly well. I get my picture on the wall. I get my very own desk and my own computer. Instead of being one of 3-6 equal positions per store, there's only one RTM in each building, so I'm now only 1 of 850 in the company.

It's the third promotion in eight months, so I guess I'll take it. I was just getting comfortable in the Merchandising job too!

I wonder what I'll be doing by next Spring?